Seattle Queer Climbers was founded in 2015 to connect the Seattle LGBTQ community through regular gym meet-ups and outdoor climbing events. ​


Seattle Queer Climbers recognizes that Seattle is located on colonized Native land of the Duwamish, Puyallup and Puget Sound Salish tribes.


You can show support by joining Real Rent Duwamish and visiting Native Lands Digital to learn about the First Nation territories that you call home.


INTERSECTIONAL - Seattle Queer Climbers affirms all LGBTQIA+ identities and recognizes that many climbers also hold multiple identities that shape their experiences at climbing gyms and in the outdoors. We aim to create a more welcoming community for climbers of all ages by upholding values that include but are not limited to anti-racism, body positivity and accessibility. We are committed to engaging more directly in work that directly supports BIPOC members of our (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) community.

RESOURCEFUL - The costs associated with pursuing climbing can be prohibitive for many members of our community. Seattle Queer Climbers aims to connect people with gear, cars, guidebooks, and other resources with folks who may not have access to them. 


COALITION-BUILDING - It is only by working together that we can accomplish real change. Seattle Queer Climbers stands beside many other groups pursuing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors. We recognize that we’re not alone in this and that we must elevate voices both inside our group and out.

AN ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD - Seattle Queer Climbers strives to mitigate the impact of our activities outside and to engage in sustainable practices. Whether it’s carpooling to the crag, participating in clean-up events, buying carbon offsets, or choosing more sustainable foods, we recreate with the future of the earth (and future climbers) in mind.



Check out our Facebook group for discussion, partner finding, and making new friends!

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